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Timor Leste coffee, the most unique coffee in the world

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TIMOR LESTE (DILI) – Timor Leste is blessed with extraordinary natural wealth.

The coffee produced by Timor Leste is the most unique coffee in the world.

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Hybrid coffee is the result of a natural cross between Arabica coffee from one of the Freetowns in the world and Robusta coffee. The result is Hybrida De Timor coffee.

The Hybrido De Timor coffee plant variety was first discovered in the 1940s on the Indonesian island of Timor.

Coffee with all the characteristics of arabica, but with the durability of robusta.

One of them is resistance to leaf rubber disease, a disease that affects most coffee plant species.

Even though Timor Leste is geographically located next to Indonesia, Timor Leste produces coffee that tastes different.

Timor Leste coffee has medium-sized beans, full of strong flavor and distinctive acidity.

Coffee has been grown in East Timor since colonial times under the Portuguese.

With 1,865 coffees accounting for more than 50% of the value of exports from the colony.

Under Indonesian rule, Timorese coffee farmers were forced to sell their products through companies owned by the military at lower than standard world prices.